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Chess for the Blind

KChess Elite has proven to be very suitable for use by anyone who is blind or has any visual impairment.

  1. All moves and menu commands can be controlled through the keyboard alone, so the mouse need not be used.
  2. The program gives sound effects and spoken feedback about the last move. This is controlled through the settings on the Audio page of the Options dialog box.
  3. The screen will automatically adjust when Windows is set to use large fonts.
  4. A large amount of textual information is available about the state of play, which can be readily picked up by screen reader software. This includes a full move list, details about the most recent move, a narration about the opening and state of the board, and a board layout in FEN format. This information is controlled through the settings on the Display page of the Options dialog box. Tab to each different text area to have the text read out.
  5. The last move, board layout and status information can be spoken by the program as required. Select the Speak item on the Play menu to find these functions.

KChess Elite contains a number of custom controls, however they can all be readily mapped to standard Windows controls if required by your screen reader software.

You can get Window-Eyes set files for KChess Elite versions 3.x and 4 from here.

KChess Advance is also suitable for use with screen reader software.

Published by ARK ANGLES