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KChess reviews and awards


In the article "Commercial Chess Programming: Not Only a Matter of Big Names, Big Countries" from the Computer Chess Club, serious chess software enthusiast Fernando Villegas gives his opinion on a chess program from an obscure corner of the world.

In the review "A Speech Friendly Chess Program" in Braillorama, blind player Christo de Klerk explains how he sees KChess Elite.

Several computer publications have also passed judgement:

"KChess is great for learning chess" - Your Computer.

"KChess plays a pretty strong game ... but it's also capable of making you a better player, even if you're a rank amateur" - PC Review.

"Very professionally presented" - PC Basics.

"The screen... is clean and easily readable" - Gold Coast Bulletin.

"A handsome program" - The Australian.

"Overall, KChess is a winner" - PC Review.

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KChess Elite has been rated 5 stars by both Ziff-Davis and C/Net. It was included in ZDNet's Hot Files section, is among the most popular 5% of all downloads available on ZDNet. C/Net's has given it a "Pick" and "Popular" rating, and it consistently shows the highest number of downloads of any chess program. Over 1 million copies have been downloaded from these two sites alone.

KChess Classic for Windows was a finalist in the 1995 Ziff-Davis Shareware Awards, Strategy Games section.


The KChess range has been sold in more than 50 countries all over the world, and generates feedback from around the globe.

"Nice program! It offers something for everyone" - Ziff Davis Reviewer.

Yours is the only product that is worth anything that can run on the Win2K platform. This includes Chessmaster 7000 (which cannot because of graphics problems). - Ed in USA.

"I have tried out DOZENS of chess games and yours is by far the best one I have ever played." - Michael in USA.

"Very friendly, and well suited to children... a wealth of useful information" - User in Denmark.

"A very good teaching tool" - CompuServe Sysop.

"It is a GREAT chess teaching program. I am no longer afraid of playing with some good players in my family" - User in Mexico.

"I like it better than the new Chessmaster 7000" - User in USA.

"KChess is probably the most difficult shareware chess program to beat, in terms of difficulty for the advanced players, and value for money." - User in Australia.

It's a fine product, without gimmicks, and with a truly treacherous Queen on defense" - User in USA.

"Excellent piece of work. Cannot stop playing once I start" - User in UK.

"I am a blind person and use a speech synthesiser and access software... I find KChess Elite to be particularly speech-friendly and would like to commend you on it" - User in South Africa.

"Measurably superior in most areas to most other chess-playing programs I have tried" - User in Australia.

"There are so many features on this program that really sold me" - Tracy in USA.

"I think the program is excellent" - User in England.

"As a programmer myself, I applaud this well-designed and obviously cleverly-programmed piece of software. - User in Canada.

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