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Troubleshooting: Problems running setup

Troubleshooting: Problems running KChess

Other Questions

Q. How can I win against this program?

A. KChess Advance and KChess Elite are strong opponents, especially for beginners. You can give yourself the best chance of winning by going to the Options dialog box, clicking on the Strength Page and then on the [Novice] button. This still does not give you an easy win - that comes only from practice. However, see the Information for Beginners section in the KChess Help file for ways to get additional assistance.

Q. The program just moved a pawn illegally, and one of my own pawns just disappeared! Is this a bug?

A. This is probably the valid move called "en passant", which is explained in the rules of chess. Essentially, when a pawn advances two squares on it's first move, an enemy pawn is allowed to take it as if it had only moved one square. This means the enemy pawn will move diagonally onto the square behind where the first pawn moved to, and the first pawn will be removed from the board.

Q. The program made two moves in one go, the King and Rook jumping over each other. How do I do that?

A. This move is called "castling", and is explained in the rules. To castle, simple move the king from it's starting position two squares to the left or right, and the rook will automatically move over it. Using the keyboard, enter "kg1" (for white) or "kg8" (for black) or "o-o" (for either) to castle on the king's side, or "kc1" (for white) or "kc8" (for black) or "o-o-o" (for either) to castle on the queen's side.

Q. Why won't the program let me castle?

A. You cannot castle if either the king or rook have already moved, or if the king is in check, or if the square over which the king moves or to which it moves is being attacked by an enemy piece.

Q. How do I solve those "mate in three" kind of problems?

A. Select the Board Setup function from the Play pulldown menu. Drag and drop the pieces on and off the board to setup the position required. Use the Board Settings function to customise the layout and set the player to move if necessary. Then use the Analyse function to search for the best line from that position.

Q. How do I maintain my child's interest in chess while they are learning how to play?

A. See the Children and Chess section of the KChess Help file for ideas and tips.

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